True Stories - Hughes-Photography
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Lady at the Decorative Fish Society, Berlin 1991

Viktoria L. Prima Ballerina at the Comic Opera

Gabi und Amadeu Antonio S. father was killed in an attack by right-wing thugs

Michael S. customises bicycles and leaves spiders well alone

Claus P. Intendant of the Berliner Ensemble in the Weigl room

Jesus was an anarchist and pedantic amateur league referee †

Wolfgang S, Minister of Finance in a leading industrial nation

Jenny S. had a room in her flat specially for her rats

King of Kreuzberg is disliked by his fellows because of his airs and graces

Paul W. lived unobtrusively in quiet, suburban Märkisches Viertel

Davey A. carves shape-changer masks on the Cherokee Reservation

Brother T. borrowed money from his order to go into business †

George T. doyen of the theatre scene †

Bob a retired contractor has no pension and has to take menial jobs to survive

Unknown woman in Wiener Blut wanted to be a photo model

Martin L. squatted a house, opened a bar and defended it against his guests

Jana R. sees music in living colour

Charlotte von M. /Lothar B. killed his father, transgender vanguardist opened a museum †

Sascha A. poet and dissident worked with the Stasi

Raksan lived in a caravan near Potsdamerplatz with her son

Unknown man in east German coffee shop, environment activist

Bridget lived in a fire truck behind Bethanien now curates art

Franziska R. shot and killed a man during a chase, pensioned due to severe trauma

Bommi B. Author, Kommune 1, SDS, Movement 2nd June, anglophile †

Bruno S, actor, musician, beaten by his mother, poisoned by doctors in the Third Reich †

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